Why My First Event Blog Failed? [Case Study]

Hey everyone, have you tried Event based Niche blogging till now? If you are working on event based niche blog and you got it ranked then you can make a good amount of money in just 1 to 2 days.

What are “Niche Blogs” in actual? Niche blogging is the process of making a blog target to a specific niche. Event based niche blogging is a short term money making machine sites, where you can bang for the bucks in few days. There are so many people out there who are creating event blogs to make money online rapidly.

What is Event Blogging?

Event blogging is a blog about events on special days/occasions, festivals, trending such as New year, Valentines day, Ramadan, Sports event, Reality shows etc. You need to create a blog based on any events by doing proper On page and Off page Search engine optimization(SEO). You can rank your site on the first page of google in a matter of days if you follow the proper technique.

Over here, I shared my case study of event blog and the mistakes I did. Enjoy Reading.

Event Blogging: Case Study

It took me few days to understand the Event Blogging Niche and just like all the newcomers, I wanted to earn some quick bucks through this medium, and like most of the newbie, even I ended up making a lot of mistakes which I would want to highlight through my event blogging case study.

I hope I am able to guide all those who are yet to start their first event blog.

I started my event blog two months before the event since I didn’t have any knowledge on how long it will take to rank a site.

Choosing the event

I went for the Ramadan event which was about to begin in two months. First, I looked for the exact match domain name (ramadan2016(dot)com) and it wasn’t available then I went for a long phrase with a keyword domain.

Focus Keyword

I preferred to rank Ramadan 2016 which is the most searched keyword during Ramadan last year. “Ramadan 2015” had 5 million searches in the month of July 2015. I used Google Keyword Planner for the keyword research.

I used blogger for hosting my site. After buying the domain I mapped with the name servers of my domain register. Once everything is up, I started to prepare content for my blog.

Content Strategy

I didn’t write any of my contents, I searched for the keyword like Ramadan 2014, Ramadan Mubarak 2013 and found some old blogs and took their content and spin it with the free article spinner online. Before publishing, I read the content before publishing, to make sure it isn’t written for search engines.

I had 9 posts in my blog, each and every post has some content at the top and end, with a bunch of images and quotes in between. I began searching for the image using the same technique like finding the content — mostly I looked for forums. I found some forums with really good images and downloaded them & then I optimized with the keywords in the image name, title, alt & caption.

I added other LSI keywords and tags below the each post. I included a bunch of keywords below each post but I don’t recommend it. Just spread the keywords along the content.

Geographic Location

I targeted the US as a geographic location using webmaster tools. I mentioned U.S as a location in all the blog post too. I don’t know how it helps, but I just did.


I used AdSense and made use of Amazon Affiliate products. I used a small widget for showcasing Islamic books using amazon affiliate banner on the sidebar. Then to make it even more effective I wrote a post on eid gift and promoted some products with amazon affiliated link.

Link Building

After all the feeds, link building is one of the most important stages. I had no idea where to start. Most people build links manually. I hated doing manually, I googled and figured it out some good resource.

I went for building links using GSA. Rather than buying the tool, I opted for the Fiverr gig . You can do tiered link building with GSA which gives more link juice to the site on the top which will be your money site.

Tired Link Building Structure


I didn’t know much about setting up GSA tool. You may need to scrape and create contents for web 2.0 blogs and make contextual links relevant to your keywords. you also need more email accounts to create web 2.0 profile. I used an online service to set up my GSA Project.

I purchased GSA Search Engine Ranker Data Pack from Asia virtual solutions for 5 tiered link building. These people will help set up all the necessary things you need for your GSA project. All you have to do is upload the file into your GSA and start the project.

Fiverr Gigs

Then, I ordered a Fiverr gig for running GSA campaign for one month and shared the file to the seller, after few days I got about 4k links showed in ahrefs. I felt it wasn’t enough.

Ahrefs Backlink Stats

Then I ordered some social signals and two different Fiverr gigs for building PBN links. It really boosted the authority and link for my site.

Even then I was missing something, its organic traffic. I ordered some more GSA campaigns. Then before the 15 days of an event, I started doing some manual link building. I know it’s boring. but I was committed to this project and spend money on it so I don’t want to give up.

Ahrefs Backlink Stats

After building some PBN links & Site Wide Links – Ranking went up

I made a list of all my competitor by searching for the keywords related to my niche in Google and noted all of the sites and went to openlinkprofiler, searched one by one and filtered the results by do follow, unique domains, high influential score.

Site Wide Links

I begin building some high quality do follow links using blog commenting. I commented on 20 to 30 sites every day. before the 4 days of an event, I went for site wide links. It’s a link you get from a site main page, sidebar or footer. If the site has 300 pages, you will get 300 backlinks for this single website.

Way to build this is, looking for sites having top commentator plugin. Once it shows your name(keyword) with the link to your URL in the sidebar, you will get a backlink pointing from the all the pages from the site.


Event Day

The Event was so near, my link building was really a success but still, I am not getting any traffic to my site. All my keywords were in 3 page and so on.

I was getting only 2k page views a day and the event day arrived and there’s no change with the keyword position and eventually no traffic. It was a complete failure after some hours of work and money I put in.

I tried to figure out what was wrong with my site and pinged other event bloggers looking for help. I got some help, also I analyzed the way I did from beginning to end and found some mistakes I did with the process.

Mistakes I Did

  • I thought it wasn’t that difficult to rank a website in a first page and earn $$$$.
  • I didn’t plan it enough before starting the site.
  • I didn’t do keyword research properly. This is the main reason for the failure. I went for too generic terms such as Ramadan 2016, Eid 2016 instead of the long tail phrase.
  • Instead of focusing on the particular keyword to rank first, I went for the different set of keywords with a very high competition.

Gigs I Used

These are the gigs I used to build my links for my event blog. Service and results were really good.

Gig 1 – Full month GSA drip feed

Gig 2 – 35+ PBN Links, Trust Flow : 15+, Citations : 15+

Gig 3 – 30+ PBN Links, Trust Flow : 15+, Citations : 15+

Gig 4 – 600 Social Signals drip feed for 7 days

Tools I Used

  • Hosting: Blogger
  • Domain Name: Godaddy
  • Theme: Frontier Theme
  • SEO Tools: Google Keyword Planner, Open Link Profiler & Ahrefs.
  • Link Building: Fiverr Gigs

My Next Event Blog

  • In my next event blog, I will plan prior before jumping in.
  • I will make a list of keywords with high search volume and low competition. I will rank them first and then I will try other keywords alongside.
  • I will try to write my own content instead of complete spin content.
  • I will create a set of categories for each and every keyword and write content based on LSI keywords.
  • I will change my link building strategy even more effective by building only high quality do follow authority backlinks.
  • Also, I will follow building links slowly over time to get trust and ranking.

How much I earned?

I was using Adsense and amazon associate for my event blog. I spend around 60$ for all the stuff(gigs, domain). I made only 1$ with AdSense. With amazon affiliate, I got 112 clicks but no one ordered.


TL;DR – Created an Event Blog and spend 60$ for link building. As I didn’t do proper keyword research, the site had no organic traffic. When trying to earn $$$$ but end up with 1$.


I hope you enjoyed how I did. I believe my mistakes with my first event blogging would guide you guys not to commit the same as I did. I like to share more event case studies template in my upcoming post. I will be doing my second attempt with event blog using the proper strategy, even if I failed I will do my second failure case study.

Comments are really appreciated. Do comment and share it to help other newbies out there.

About the author


I began blogging few years back & mean while I learned and get to know many things. Over here I would like to share the things which I’m experienced with and looking forward to build my site with quality and quantity.


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  • First time visit on your blog Riyaz!

    I really enjoyed reading this whole case study.

    Really without doing proper keyword research you’ll not gonna get juicy fruits!

    I hope that you’ll succeed next time !

    Good luck 😉

  • Hello Riyaz, Nice attempt, and above all nice analysis. I am new in blogger and I have a question. Can’t we make an event blogger evergreen? I mean you’ve mentioned that your blog was about Ramadan 2016, which is specific for the year 2016. Don’t you think we should select the topic which cover Ramadan event for whole life? 2nd question is that the tricks you’ve used for back-linking are white hat or black hat? and 3rd question what are the other reasons parallel to keyword research for not gaining the organic traffic?
    Please answer my questions.

    • 1. Thanks for reading. Yes, you can make it evergreen. They’re blogs out there. But you won’t know when Google will deindex you and throw you out of search engine. It’s a process. If Google caught you, you can 301 redirect to your new domain and start again, as it passes link juice. Since this is my first try with no prior experience I focused more specifically in Ramadan 2016. Also, if you want to be safe and build your site with only white hat strategies. Look for keyword difficulty before you jump in.

      2. It’s pure black-hat.

      3. I think when I build links I diversified a lot of keywords instead of focusing on particular one. I need to keep trying to know which works and which don’t.

  • Hi,
    I just read your full case study I also got failed by doing this kind of things but after reading your post at least I have learned something new and I will focus on new things as well so hopefully that will help me to ranked my another site with another event so also god luck to u as well in last want to say thanks for your great post 🙂

  • I do not understand this event blogging i am visiting many sites for search event blogging 🙁 but finally, i am found your blog and learn this article after read i am completely understand thanks for share very helpful post

  • Hello Riyaz

    Thanks for this Awesome case study is very helpful to rank my event blog and i am really appropriate your work because your failed but never give up attitude awesome bro
    thanks for sharing.

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