Little Known Tricks To Get More Out Of Gmail

There are certain methods by which you can create multiple email addresses using one Gmail account. This trick will help you to sign up for newsletters, app or website using a single account with multiple email address.

It can give you better management over your inbox and saves you lots of time.

If your email is “”. You can modify your email by adding  (“+”) after your email address.

Example: ““.  Any emails sent to the email address “” will be received by ““, because Google ignores the “+” and anything after it.

You could use “ during any purchase from eBay and similarly when you sign up for anything online.

Another method is inserting one or several dots (“.”) anywhere in your email address.

Example: “”.

Gmail doesn’t understand periods as character types in the email address.

You can use your email address as “” or “”.

How to do it?

To receive mail from this email address, you have to create a filter for your new email address.

Creating Email Filter

Creating Email Filter


  • I am going to create an email address for shopping online on eBay. Example: “”.  
  • Type your new email and then Click Create a filter with this search.
Filtering email address

Filtering email address

  • You can see there are lots of options to manage your email address. In my case, I created a label named “eBay” to organize my emails coming from eBay. You can even categorize it by choosing the given options.
  • You can also delete the messages coming to your mail. This will be really helpful when you sign up for any website which frequently sending you messages or you don’t want to see them.
  • If you don’t want to share your primary email address with anybody, you can use forwarding options. Add your forwarding email address and verify it. Your messages will be forwarded from alias email to your actual email address.

Using this method, you can use alias email address to register for a service when you think they might share your information. This is the smart way in creating multiple email address then creating multiple accounts for our purpose and really time-saving. I created alias email address for shopping and registering online from protecting my primary email address from spam and malicious websites.

Let me know how many guys use this to filter the messages. Mention it in your comment and give your thoughts about my post.

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