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I have build many sites previously obtaining 6 figures of page views. My first earning came from The money I acquired wasn’t upto my expectations. I quit blogging as every newbie does. After 2 years, I started blogging again with no hopes to make money online, since my focus was only money. Then I started reading blogs which I regret till now, because the desire which left in me got vanished. The sites I read advised, that the key to making money is by building relationship with other bloggers through blog commenting. As an introvert, it was a nightmare. I’m not saying they are wrong. But networking is not the only way though.

I have read so many digital marketing blogs and sites, I learn nothing new from them. It’s all the same recipe with different names on it. I didn’t had a proper pathway to build sites which makes money. If you’re wondering what sites I made money with Clicksor, it’s a copy paste site from other celebrity and movie blogs. Thats how I started my journey.

And one day, as I was browsing and landed on matthew woodward site. The site got me hooked up. I binge read all his posts. It was so practical and all his post is just about his experiments on his own sites. I started reading and listening podcast from nichepursuits, smartpassiveincome and other sites like dumbpassiveincome, cloudincome etc.. all these guys gave away valuable guides which you won’t find in any course you buy online. I wonder reading this guys blogs when I started blogging.

I learned about affiliates, niche sites, long term blogs, dropshipping etc.. I spent almost a year reading but doing nothing. Beacuse I was so lazy, fear of failure and lacked self-belief. But I was consious that money should be a by-product of value which I will give it to my users. I discovered more blogs like iftiseo, alltechbuzz., etc. Then I started following the same minded people from my own country making a impact in marketing online. I was happy to learn from them and then I started to do something with it.

Last year, I started a event blog, just like a niche blog but targetting a seasonal event and ranking for a short period of time. I failed without making more than two cents. I did learned from it. Right now, I am focusing on long term blogs which I am preparing to write a update on my progress for every week or twice a month. Hope, you would like to read how dumb and lazy I’m making money online.

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I began blogging few years back & mean while I learned and get to know many things. Over here I would like to share the things which I’m experienced with and looking forward to build my site with quality and quantity.

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