5 Essential Tips to Internet in a Smart Way

Hi guys, today I will show you some important internet tips & hacks to get things done in smart way.

Be Secure When you Surf

Security is the most important thing which keeps you safe from all thefts and scams. Protecting your information is difficult now a days, when people bypass your firewalls and steal your identity. Here are some ways to be safe and secure:

  • Look for https when you are trying to make transaction online. HTTPS encrypts and decrypts your page request and “s” stands for secure.
  • Use Incognito mode in your browser, which doesn’t store your cookies and pages you visiting.
  • Use VPN for secure browsing. Virtual private network will helps to protect your identity on web.
  • Use Anonymous Proxy Browser to access blocked websites and surf the web anonymously. Use tor browser or tool like ultrasurf.
  • Use alias email address in your gmail account to sign up for newsletter, apps or website.
  • Use throwaway email address, which will enable you to get confirmation then self destruct in 10 minutes.
  • Create your whole new identity with fake name generator. It generates random fake name, username, email address and so on. With options to choose according to different nationality and gender.
  • Use Lastpass addon to save all your passwords online. Lastpass is a free password manager, saves your password and gives you secure access from every PC and mobile device.

Be Clever When you Purchase

If you are opted to buy anything don’t just hit the buy now button when you see the product. Make sure you follow these steps to make a purchase, in secure and in smart way.

  • Check your URL in address bar for “https” and beware of phishing URL.
  • Compare the price of the product in multiple site and look for any discount offers to buy it on low price.
  • Check out the reviews and ratings on various site to know about the product.
  • Use coupon or promo code to get discount for the product.
  • If you are buying from retail stores like eBay, Amazon or Shopclues. Contact the seller before you place your order. Some of the seller use different image of the products in their list. Also get the details on product and shipment to your place.
  • And don’t place your orders in unknown site. Look for familiar site and search for site reviews and ratings before you buy it.

Download What you Want

If you are looking to download anything like PDF, mp3 or mp4 files, there’s a smart way in which you can get the things you want using this search mechanism.

To download anything , perform a Google search as below:

“Your search phrase” -inurl:(htm|HTML|php|pls|text) intitle:index.of “last modified”(mp3|WMA|aac|flac)

“Eminem Lose yourself” -inurl:(htm|HTML|php|pls|text) intitle:index.of “last modified”(mp3|WMA)

Change the file format to your required format. You will get the links based on your search with direct download links.

Another method using a “Parent directory file name

Search for “Parent directory Avengers.mkv” or “Parent directory Avengers.mp4

You will see the simple page on your browser with the links. Choose your file and download it directly without any external download.

If you want to download videos from any site, use videodownloadhelper addon.

Modify Web Pages to Access Content

Most of the websites doesn’t allow to access their content without disclosing personal information. A pop up box appears on some website which ask us to fill in information or create a account to view the content at the back side of it. But using inspect element you can delete those pop boxes from your browser.

For example: You can’t read answers on sites like Quora.com without logging in. A pop up will appear on the page to sign in/sign up to read the content.

You can remove those pop ups using inspect element tool. Right click on the area which you want to get rid of and click inspect element. You will see the highlight code in Bottom part of the page and delete them.

For Firefox: Use add on like firebug to inspect the element. And do the same process as mentioned above.

Find and Delete your Identity online

Find your Identity

Finding your different accounts which are linked to your email address is a hectic task. But there are some sites which will help you to find your websites you have joined, using your email address and your username.

You can find, in which website you have created account with your username. And also your email address linked with different account.

  • Namechek helps you to show, in which site the username is still available or taken.
  • Pipl is a free people search engine to find a person and lookup their social media profiles by name and location.

Delete Your Identity

If you want to delete your accounts on social media; use Account Killer ,which deletes your account on social media if you care about your personal data. You can do it for most popular websites to remove your public profile from the internet.

It gives you direct link to any account you want to delete with instructions to make termination easy.

Some Other Cool Tricks to Mention:

Instead of typing www.anywebsite.com in address bar, you can type the website name and hit Ctrl + enter.
Use Adblock and Ghostery to block all ads, pop ups, and trackers.
If you want to find the high resolution of any image, just copy the URL of the image or upload the image in Google images and click all sizes. It will show all the images from higher resolution to lower resolution.


I showed you some useful techniques to be used while using internet. Implement those and make sure you’re protected from all  scams and thefts. And also use these tricks to save time. I will keep updating, if I find any other useful information to be added on this list. If you like my post, share it. If you have any other suggestion to be included, mention in the comment.

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