The Spanish Project #1 – Choosing the Niche and Site Formation

I don’t considered myself as knowledable in SEO, also I haven’t tasted success yet in blogging. I wanted to try new things and learn by the process of doing it. I work as a digital marketer executive in a mnc company. I manage bilingual sites(mostly vietnamese) and do on/off page SEO for them. I had the opportunity to strengthen my skills in SEO, even though I wanted to quit the job. I love the work I do but still making money online is my primary goal.

When doing keyword research I always check the generic terms and search volumes. Then I started looking at other languages and found the spanish keyword terms with high search voulme with less competition. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Countries include Spain, Columbia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, USA, etc.. where spanish is mostly spoken.

I checked the keyword competition with the tools like long tail pro and keyword finder. Also check manually top 10 websites ranking in SERP. Most of the keywords had opportunity to rank in first page. Then, I started preparing keywords and content strategy for my new site.

Domain Name: It took me 30 minutes to decide the name. Its a five letter word, easy to remember.

Hosting: I hosted my domain and server at Namecheap, as I love their 24/7 support.

Target Audience: I set my demograhic to target women. Women click ads more than men. After all AdSense will be my source of income.

Traffic: Who doesn’t want free traffic from Google. Organic Traffic is my first source and my second is Pinterest (Where there is a women there is a way).

Silo Structure: For every high search volume keyword, I planned to write a pillar article. Each pillar article will have 10 to 15 sub headings. For each sub -headings I will be writing an article to it and link back to the pillar content. Helps to strenghten my page authority of the site.

Permalink: I used pages instead of post to pass link juice from sub article to pillar and vice versa. Ex:

Creating Content: Even my english writing sucks. I heard about hiring freelancers to write contents and VA’s from spencer haws. I didn’t had any experience in hiring process. I listened couple of his podcast on how he does and he even gave a sample of job posting to find the right freelancers and recruit them. After hiring one by one and looking at their sample work, I found some great writers at very cheap price. I used upwork to find the freelancers.

Theme: I used schema wordpress theme considering it’s light weight and well optimized for SEO.

Everything was set and I started publishing my contents from the writers and waited for them to index. I will follow up the next update in upcoming post. Do subscribe and leave your comments on how you do keyword mapping and your thoughts on hiring freelancers.

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I began blogging few years back & mean while I learned and get to know many things. Over here I would like to share the things which I’m experienced with and looking forward to build my site with quality and quantity.

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