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When I was 7th Std. My friend, class topper always be the first person to answer on computer periods. I use to wonder how can I be better at it. 9th Std. Got PC. Felt soo good. Only thing I know about computer is how to On and Off. But my siblings had the first priority with added advantage of being years elder spend most of the time in front of PC. I do find times to use it and get to know many things. But we didn’t had internet connection, because internet=porno.

On the same year,  I had to submit a presentation for my geography class on the topic “Space Exploration”. So, we’re asked to go to browsing centres and get the information. It was the time of introduction to internet. The feeling of typing anything into the search page to get what you want is absolute fantasy. I loved it. I got pretty hooked up to the world of internet.

Me and my friend (shankar) spent hunderds and thousands of money at browsing centre to explore the internet, we try to learn how utorrent works, how to download youtube videos and the miracle of finding a software that can download any video from the internet. It was so fun. Everyday after the school ends, we go to internet cafe and continue where we left. First movie we downloaded was “Home“. But it was a documentry though. Sometimes, it takes time to download due to the size of the file. We hid the torrent icon and come back 4 or 5 hours later to upload the movie to our drive.

On those times, we need to pay money to download anything. On fine day, we got caught by the owner of the centre and from then we look out for other centres and start our exploration.

12th Std. Got internet connection at home. The feeling of surfing the web to connect one end to the other corner of the world was enthusiastic. Everyone was glued to orkut at that time. I spent most of my time with iMesh, my favorite software at that time. I made friends from USA, UK and started conversation with them and try to learn their way of speaking. I even had a friend from USA, waking up at 7:00 a.m. everyday to chat with her. It was cool and awesome. Imesh, omegle, orkut, hi5, myspace, mediafiremovies and many of my favorite bookmarks I still have on my browser from the day I surfing the internet. Most of the sites were dead now. Then I stepped into the blogging platform which I will discuss on my next post.

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I began blogging few years back & mean while I learned and get to know many things. Over here I would like to share the things which I’m experienced with and looking forward to build my site with quality and quantity.

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