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It’s been so long I written anything. Spend hours, days and night reading other people’s blog, scrolling down reddit to find the motivational quote, to get me geared up to my final destiny. Failure is the word ringing around my ears. Days, months and years gone like a flow of water into the mouth. Yet still I’m thristy, to find the day that would bring me success in things I do.

Moments of procastination in between the tasks kills my productivity. I had to fill me up everyday with the practical succcess principles in the comfy drive on my journey to work. Yet I lose power to drive my thoughts, to make things to work. My focus splits. My eyes pains. My back cries. My spirit ditters. Still, I hear the sound of my sub consious at the back of my head, wish to see me successful in the days to come, to live the life I needed and being greatful to atoms around me.!! My Love for my sub-consious is incomplete.

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I began blogging few years back & mean while I learned and get to know many things. Over here I would like to share the things which I’m experienced with and looking forward to build my site with quality and quantity.

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